WWNBB#092 - Blisstonia

by Weird Bloom

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I will live in the dark, I’ll try to see you. I will give you the joy they’ll never give you. I’ll pronounce with proper words the magic spell that will chase away the evils. I will be the guardian of the men, I will search for who I am. I’ll be pleased with your smile when the gloom hides the face from the glance of your eyes that still stand me your grace. I’ll be clearing the skies from the ghosts that you’ve left. We will talk for a while making fun of your vest. I’ll change all the meanings if you need it. Then I’ll learn every dogma you will teach me.I will speak the ancient language of those men that we fear since we were covered - without any shyness and a bunch of leaves - when we lived into the forest. I will be the guardian of the men, I will search for who I am. Men are wondering why corps will rest in the cold. That’s the terrible lie that one time we were told. There’s a man on the hill. Yonder stands with his dart. He just wants me to drill murders into the hearts.
Life is a glimpse to what was written into the light that shines on the things. Here stars are sleeping, the end is beginning...time for a twist of your old power rings. Life will begin to disguise all the shapes. The faces you're wearing today will just die. Your secret sorrow will be my disgrace the day you'll reveal all the grief that you hide. Dare you know that love is a dive in what you don't know. The places you go, the fears that you show are still creeping into the blur that your senses bear when you try to speak without words. Cretans are liars and maybe that's true and life never gives you the clue. What was so near is now disappearing into the night and its gloom. People are lying this is the truth towering above the fools. Digging a hole in the name of the lord a brand new flower will bloom. Angels or evils, is still quite the same, plasticine teardrops fall without trace, tangerine people still have no race, ride trough the desert a horse with no name.
Little mini fancy ball is falling into magic folds, creeping in the night you can't behold running fast to all directions i will have my satisfactions, building magic castles on your walls super troopers of the night fight their battles without eyes to manifest their answer to your call super Lugers in the night frighten children without eyes to feel and feed their badness when they fall. In the naked arms of cold your perversion seems to fall to sow the seed of doubt right in my soul. Shiny suiters in the night frighten ladies when they re high to witness their attraction to the goal. Little tiny fancy dolls slightly burn to please the lord. Look that mighty fire! is it real? Or i don't really get what life reveals.
You know that sun never gives you the light that you wait for and time needs no reason to move you like a slave. Lays the world on the ground, lies the morning when it's dawn, giving hopes that will just drive you out of the bounds. Indeed you walk without legs into a land made of tears and you see others moving while you're stuck on your feet you think you're stuck into this wellness that generates your disease, stuck into the deadly jelly that let the others live into the world that you cant stand made of drifts you'll never get people sell their lies to feel alive and just forget the birds you hunt have left the branch and you cry close to their nest. all your friends are going to win the prize you'll never get cus they're still talking without saying anything living in the lies that they need.
Cried a thousand tears for you, just to pour them into the water. I just want to be with you but spirits block me on the border. I’m used to walk up to the sky without thinking of the others. They were jealous of your eyes but spirits left me in the corner. So I’ve asked the sun a chance to see your real shape every night. He’s made a werewolf out of me, well I can’t help you when you’re high. In all my dreams the seas are green and can’t really see what is that always tries to plague my mind. So I’ve asked the time a chance to gaze your decay every night and can’t really see what is that everyday keeps you alive. In the garden of your love, there’s a thing you can’t behold.
I will be the god of your religion taking everyday all your decisions I will be the darkness in your visions. I won't ever be the thing that makes you happy cause I've always been repeating life's crappy. Stuck into the prairies of your glances when your eyes are staring at my madness. Tell me what the spirits whisper everyday, show me that a secret lays down in your prayers. Clouds remains into the skies you're pouring down into the river where I'm going. A sinner inside. Living in a world that's made of glass, wasting all these days that never pass through the restless eyes they're getting old, creeping in the night you can't behold.
Searching for the final path of an everlasting trip. When monsters watch your silent fears reflecting in the glaze I can see your burning eyes like desert sands and skies. Bring me to your silent lips when morning brakes. We’re all insane.
Living the life on a cloud, drifting away from your bones. Towering over the crowd. Nothing to say to the lord. My oh my, darling you live without love. My oh my, dance in the night without cold.
Will this feelings give you back the truth you always hide? Always kiss hands and heart will never rest. Now you blame the blurry thoughts that makes you cry somehow moving in the twilight’s breath that feels with fears the chest. Mother nature knows that you are even more secure that this never-ending game is blending space and time. All is sewn in a big big sheet and you think you’re alive. all is melted in a dream and you say ‘that is real’. Birds are swimming in the skies and fishes flies the seas. Trees are dancing in the woods upon a golden hill. Wolves are howling at the sun when summer’s days are near, moose fight to find the love despite the growing fear. When the devil made me run cus I was on his list. Children run to see the fun where always hides the beast. There’s a big eye in the sky tonight.
I live in a pond swamped by giant waves, wake up every morning my good only loony brain. I will keep on working with the big tomato blight.I won't ever tidy what is left on my drill site. Feel to show you that we grow up just to end in graves, waiting for proposals coming out from microwaves. Everyday we come on board to join low level lives, sharing with the passengers the pleasures of our flight. People fill the distance, getting closer, you just flee, lying in the garden, in the garden of your sleep. Feel to show you that we grow up needing what we crave, waiting for disposals to come out from what we pray. Everyday we come on board to sail on seas of doubt, sharing with the passengers the fears that we're about. People fill their distances with love and you just flee flying on the meadow of the life you are used to live.


released January 12, 2018


all rights reserved


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