WWNBB#080 - Lend Me Your Ears

by Dizzyride

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Lend Me Your Ears EP is an ensemble of b-sides, bonus tracks and outtakes from Dizzyride's forthcoming, first full-length album (out January 2017 on WWNBB).
The EP began forming during a summer tour, while Donà and Kiefl composed with instruments they came across. Tapes and iPhone Voice Memos brought the material back to New York where the duo currently lives and where the songs were completed. Now lend out your ears, get loose and enjoy Dizzyride's psychedelic touch.

Lend Me Your Ears EP è un insieme di b-sides, tracce bonus e outtakes non incluse nel primo album di Dizzyride previsto per Gennaio 2017 su WWNBB.
L’EP prende forma l’estate scorsa in tour, quando Donà e Kiefl improvvisano con strumenti che si trovano attorno. Nastri e note vocali nell’iPhone portano il materiale a New York dove il duo vive e dove le canzoni vengono completate. Ora presta le tue orecchie, lasciati andare e lasciati rapire dal suono psichedelico dei Dizzyride.

Lend Me Your Ears EP est un ensemble de b-sides et morceaux supplémentaires qui ne seront pas inclus sur le prochain album complet de Dizzyride (disponible au mois de Janvier 2017, sur WWNBB).
Leur EP a commencé à prendre forme durant une tournée d'été, alors que le duo a composé quelques nouvelles chansons avec divers instruments venus à leur rencontre. Ils ont rapporté les enregistrements sur cassettes et mémos voix iPhone à New-York, où le couple réside. L'album fut alors complété. Maintenant prêtez-leur vos oreilles et détendez-vous au son de la musique psychédélique de Dizzyride.


released June 28, 2016

All songs by Zoë Kiefl and Nicola Donà
Mixed and produced by Michael Busse and Nicola Donà
Additional engineering by Gary Olson, Alessandro Paderno, and Eli Crews
Mastering by Alessandro Paderno
Artwork by Zoë Kiefl

Harp on "Taraxacum" by Mary Lattimore
Drums on "Arrows" by Andrea Mancin
Backing Vocals on "Arrows" by Fritz Cook



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Track Name: Death of a Slow Song
Still as the stars you will be
Looking back, remember me
Light as the moon you will feel
When I weigh down on you like gravity
Stay Golden
Chasing highways, unwinding roads
You keep on moving, I will follow
I will follow
Saints keep watching my every move
They say it’s sexy to be confused
I keep on walking, got time to lose
You keep on moving, I will follow
I will follow
Track Name: Jungle Remix
I make a wish and I think of you
My feelings grounded deep in their roots
Propagating like bamboo
Supersonic amour fou
I give you kisses of paper lips
Hold me in place just like paper clips
Infectious adoration, mutual admiration
Beyond my wildest imagination
Conjuring up the longest ever exhalation
Subjected to the most beautiful weather acclimation
I make a wish and I think of you
Some prayers answered only a few
Found a purpose distinctively true
Symphonic amour fou
Track Name: Arrows
Kamikaze farewell
True blue suicide
Illusions of a new world
Don’t want to say goodbye
Overloaded conscience pulling like a tide
Fending off the tourists in a city life
Like arrows
Valediction stories inducing us with doubt
Well-adjusted people not wanting to strike out
A multitude of virtues outpouring from the sky
Purity outspoken
Urges passing by
Like arrows
Track Name: Taraxacum
Dissolving in the air like dandelions
It makes sense that you are a lion’s tooth
I’m in love with you taraxacum
Now that I see you appearing in my hand
Like wind in sand
I was holding you with all the strength I have
You felt trapped in the cage de ton rêve
I’m in love with you taraxacum
Now that I see you appearing in my hand
Like burning sand